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Darlene Rutges (Shrader)

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08/15/15 07:08 AM #1    

Marianne B McCammon (McCammon)

Darlene Rutjes (Dar) was somone you always wanted for a friend.  She had a way of 

finding humor, when sometimes it didn't seem to exist.  She could laugh at herself as 

quickly as she could laugh with others.  Darlene and I truly became friends

during our senior year when we both worked in Mr. Vick's office and when we sat next

to each other in Mrs. Noel's Home Ec class.  We double dated on our Senior Prom

night.  On Prom night the car we were riding in with our dates got stuck in the local 

cemetery.  Darlne wrote in my memory book the following words:   "I bet you will never 

forget Prom night as long as you live.  There's nothing like having a picnic in a good old

cemetery.  I mean, it was such a beautiful night and all you know.  It was really funny

though, you will have to admit."  I think by having a picnic she meant that she and I 

shared a candy bar while our dates looked for help to get the car out.  Dar also wrote

regarding graduation "It kind of makes me feel empty to be losing such good friends." 

Darlene married, had a son and died at a very young age from cancer.  You know, 

friends nevere leave our hearts.  And my Best Friend Darlene will always be in my

heart.  Darlene I, Marianne Bokrosh McCammon, will truly miss you at our 50th MHS

class reunion but as I said, you will always be in my heart.

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